Inge Gottfredsen – Photography


Art statement


The purpose of my work as a photographer, is to make people to smile. Humor is essential for me, as well as creativity. Both gives me a inner joy and increases my need for creating more images.

When I do street potography, I look for funny situations, and I’m being drawn towards details, colors, facial expressions, and moods. All something that leads to a story.

Overall I have a great love for people, the interactions, the diversity. The last two years I’ve been living in Greenland, a country where people is not very keen on being photographed. This has been a huge challange for me, and I have therefore been forced to find new ways to do photography e.g. landscape, nature and the story in a small detail.

My latest project is portraits of my colleagues – showing the serious side, and a more hidden side, a side that not many people know, shown in a humoristic way.

My biggest asset is that I have a very good imagination. Getting all the ideas into action is more challenging. I wish I had more time and money.

I get inspiration from the Danish photographer Søren Solkær, Mads Nissen, and international photographers like Sally Mann, Annie Leibovitz, Joe McNally.